Some people hate to have to bring out the paint buckets. They see it as a true chore that they have to deal with. They are not happy about using paintbrushes and rollers because they are slow and messy to use.

Those who have used paint sprayers are often unhappy cause cleanup takes a lot of time, and all paint has to be measured out and diluted. Wagner’s Flexio 590 promises to change the way you look at the painting and paint sprayers by making it easier and more fun. Do they succeed? Take a look at our detailed Wagner Flexio 590 indoor/outdoor handheld sprayer kit review to find out.

Features of the Wagner Flexio 590

The biggest thing people will enjoy about the Wagner Flexio 590 is the fact that it can use undiluted paint. This means you will never again have to measure out your paint and then measure paint thinners or water to make it a consistency you can actually use.

This paint sprayer is perfect for small projects and fine finishes. It comes with a nozzle that is ideal for finer details. This is because it sprays out the paint in a mist that covers very well and does not run. To further help, it has an adjustable flow rate that you can set easily, which puts you in control of the right coating speed for your project size.

If you want to get the job done quickly, this paint spraying kit can spray an 8ft by 10ft area in less than five minutes. It also has the ability to use up to 8.0 gallons per hour to ensure that you only have to put on one coat. This is because of the X-Boost power dial.

When you turn it, you are adjusting the air pressure to ensure precise control. The minimum setting is ideal for semi-transparent stains, the middle setting is great for solid stains or spraying latex paints, the maximum air setting is perfect for thick latex or primers. Most people will use the lower levels most, but it is nice to have the extra air when needed.

This sprayer features a spray nozzle. It is designed without wear parts so that your sprayer will have a long lifespan. The spray nozzle also puts you in total control of how you want to spray. You can choose from horizontal or vertical spray patterns as well as wide or narrow spray patterns, depending on the size of your painting project. To finish out your project or to trim areas you can switch nozzles to the finishing one so that no matter what you are painting you will have very little risk of overspray.

This sprayer is backed by the Wagner Warranty that covers it for a full year. If you have any issues with your sprayer, you can contact Wagner and they will help you get through it or they will replace it. This is great news considering this sprayer features an E-Boost turbine to ensure it is three times more powerful than other sprayers of its kind.

By adding more power, you may think that this sprayer is louder than you may want, but it isn’t. It is 50% quieter than all other sprayers. It operates at 65db while other sprayers are 85db so that you can use it indoors without worrying about your ears.

At only 4.0 pounds, this sprayer is 20% lighter than other airless sprayers. The weight when the cup is filled will depend on whether you are using the one-quart or half-quart cup. Either cup will change out easily and you can quickly change from one nozzle to the next thanks to its Lock-n-Go feature.

This paint sprayer can spray a variety of paint types. You can use it for oil-based paints, latex, stains, sealers, and more.

Buyer’s Feedback on Wagner’s Flexio 590

This sprayer has been used by both first-time sprayers and people who have used many types of paint sprayers. Most all agree that it is a sprayer worth checking out because it gives you the control that you will need when spraying. The key is, in their opinion, to take the time to learn how to use this paint sprayer effectively.

Practice on something first using water or paint to test out where you feel the most comfortable with it. This includes both sprayings close to the surface and further away from it while adjusting the dial and adding more or less air pressure.

Eventually, they say you will find the right setting for you. They also recommend that you spray into an empty bucket each time you stop using the sprayer and then go back to start again. This will prime it so that you have less blotchiness after restarting the sprayer.

By taking the time to learn how to use the sprayer, most owners say that you will be very happy with the way it works. Many say that it is easy to clean up, easy to use, and provides a professional-looking paint job quickly.

However, there are people who say that it is not the greatest paint sprayer available. They give it lower ratings because they feel it is difficult to clean with a lot of small parts to deal with and because they feel it clogs too easily. This is not much different than all other paint sprayers available.

To lessen clogs, you simply need to filter the paint a little using a metal filter and cleaning can be done easily if you avoid letting the sprayer sit before you attempt to clean. The people who say it is terrible are not priming it because they say that it is splattering paint and they say that it has too many settings to be easy to use. This is sad because most people like the variety of settings.

Our Opinion of the Flexio 590 by Wagner

When it comes to painting sprayers, they all have one common issue. They all clog at one time or another. For most people, it is not a big deal, but they would prefer a paint sprayer that is easy to work with. In our opinion, the many settings that are available with the Wagner Flexio 590 make it a great choice.

We like that you can fine-tune every part of your paint sprayer to get the flow of paint that you want from it. It is perfect for small detail painting and large spacious walls. No other paint sprayer can say the same, even other Wagner sprayers, which may only have a couple of settings. In short, if you are looking for a simple sprayer that allows you to fill up and start spraying, this may not be a good choice for you. If you want a sprayer that puts you in complete control, you will love the Wagner Flexio 590 as much as we do.

What We Like

  • Quiet to Use
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Sprays All Types of Paint
  • No Need to Dilute Paints
  • Quickly Gets the Job Done
  • Ideal for Fine Finishes and Large Areas
  • Kit Provides Everything You Need for Projects
  • Many Adjustment Settings Available for Fine Tuning

What We Don’t

  • May Clog Sometimes
  • Takes Time to Get Setup Right
  • Small Parts May Make Cleanup Difficult