When it comes to painting, not many people enjoy slinging a paintbrush or rolling with a roller. There are also times when it is not possible to paint and get into all the grooves and dips you may have to deal with, especially if you are repainting furniture.

Wagner has created what many people say is the solution to all your painting issues. Does it work? Will it work for your projects? Read our Wagner Control Spray double duty paint sprayer review to find out.

Features of the Wagner Double Duty Paint Sprayer

This paint sprayer has a variable flow trigger. This enables it to help you control the amount of paint that flows out of it so that when you are finished painting; all the important areas will be covered thoroughly.

It features two cups. You can choose to use the 1/2 quart for small projects and the larger 1-quart paint canister for larger jobs. This enables you to refill less often than some of the other available paint sprayers. It is ideal for larger painting projects, but can still be used on smaller ones as well by merely swapping out your paint canister.

The Wagner paint sprayer is usable both indoors and out. This is mostly because it is an HVLP (High Volume/Low Pressure) spray painter and has an indoor rated air turbine. It has three different paint spray patterns to help you control the amount of overspray that you have to deal with. The three paint spray options are vertical, horizontal, and round. Each spray pattern can measure out from one to ten inches in diameter thanks to the variable-control trigger.

In an effort to help you get your painting project done faster, this paint sprayer offers replaceable filters and has a coverage per minute rating of 4.9 fl. oz. These filters keep even small particles out of your paint so that you will not have as many clogs and your painted project will have a smoother finish when you are done.

It features Lock-n-Go technology so that you can change the paint type you are using quickly. Everything on this paint sprayer will simply lock into place without a lot of effort so that you can finish up with one paint project, rinse, and move on to the next with ease.

This is a very versatile paint sprayer. The fact that it is an HVLP sprayer means that it can handle thinner paints and it can be used to spray on stains, sealers, and other light body materials with very little risk of overspray. You have all the control with this in your hand.

These sprayers are very easy to use. Once you have it assembled and filled with paint, all you have to do is pull the trigger. You can paint unfinished wood with ease and recover paint that is dull. In all cases, your finished project will look better than ever.

The Wagner Control Spray also has a Spark-arrested dual-stage motor to prevent it from possibly sparking and igniting when you are spraying indoors. This is an excellent safety feature since so many paints and solvents are flammable.

At only 4.2 pounds, most people will not mind carrying this paint sprayer around and using it. It measures 7 x 14 x 11.5 inches, so it is less bulky than other paint sprayers in every way that matters.

Buyer’s Feedback on the Wagner Paint Sprayer

Most people think that Wagner paint sprayer is a great option for anyone who wants to get a painting job done quickly. That is why it still holds a 4.2-star rating after nearly 300 reviews.

They like that it is lightweight and that it comes with two paint cups. They love how easy it is to clean, how quiet it is, and say that it is an all-around great paint sprayer. They have used it for painting doorways, cabinets, fences, and more.

There are people who say that once they learned how to use it properly, they had much better luck painting with it. A lot of owners say that it clogs way too easily and give it a negative review because of it.

However, as you read through reviews, you will notice that most people considered hating it until they figured out that it would work better if they used a metal strainer to remove debris from the paint as they filled the paint cup.

That is also one of the biggest reasons that most owners do suggest that you do your homework before purchasing and using this paint sprayer. It is best used for thinner products, such as stain.

Therefore, when you are using it to spray paint, you may want to thin the paint a little. For instance, consider using four parts paint to one part water or whatever thinner you choose. This will ensure that you have fewer clogs when painting with actual paint.

They also recommend that you clean it often, especially if you plan to wait for a coat to dry before spraying over it again. This is because the nozzle will heat up and when using thin paint, it may dry very quick inside the gun.

Our Opinion of Wagner’s Double Duty Control Paint Sprayer

In our opinion, this is a great sprayer for anyone who wants to take on small painting projects without a lot of headaches and brush strokes. It sprays out paint or stain in a very fine mist to ensure that the entire surface is covered easily.

You can also spray on several coats to get it the color that you want. The fine mist layers will dry quickly and you can still get the painting done fast enough to make most projects well worth the effort.

The truth is, we love everything about the Wagner Control Spray Double Duty paint sprayer and feel that you most likely will love it as well.

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Finishes
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Indoor or Outdoor Usable
  • Quieter Than Most Paint Sprayers
  • Dual Stage Motor Prevents Sparks
  • Ideal for a variety of Paints and Stains
  • Everything Locks Into Place for Easy Assembly

What We Don’t

  • Requires Thin Paint
  • Straining Paint is Helpful
  • Frequent Cleanings is Necessary