Wagner is a trendy brand of paint sprayers. Their sprayers are easy to use and relatively easy to care for. They are mostly small and portable, handheld sprayers that people can use on smaller projects. The Max HVLP is different in looks and its features. To find out how different, we recommend that you read our full Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP sprayer review.

Features of the Wagner Control Spray Max HVLP

The Wagner Max HVLP comes with two cups for you to use, depending on the task at hand. The first one is a larger 1-1/2-quart plastic cup, which is ideal for larger projects. The smaller 1-quart cup is made of professional-grade metal and it is perfect for finishing your projects or tackling small paint jobs.

It has variable flow trigger dials to ensure that you get the coverage you want, whether you are trying to cover a large area at one time or a smaller area. The dial will spread out one of three spray patterns so that they range somewhere between the one-half inch and twelve inches in diameter. Spray patterns range from round to vertical and horizontal. Adjusting the pattern only requires that you turn the ears on the air cap.

With this sprayer, you will not have to worry about diluting thicker paints. It has a two-stage turbine to enable you to spray latex paints. However, it can also spray thinner materials including stains, sealers, varnishes, and lacquers so that you can use this single sprayer for all of your paint projects. The turbine and variable air pressure together ensure that you will have very little overspray.

This spray gun is ideal for hard to reach areas. It is lightweight at only 11.2 pounds and easy enough to hold that you can take it anywhere you want to go. This is further made possible by the 20-foot high-flex air hose that will extend your reach that much more.

Unlike most paint sprayers that only have one or no filters included; the Max features two large air filters. This prevents dust from getting into the spray gun where it may mar the paint job. This ensures that no matter what you are painting, you will always have a smooth, even finish when the job is done.

This sprayer comes with its own air compressor. It is a small unit, but it gets the job done and it also has a full 1-year warranty.

Buyer’s Feedback on the Control Spray Max

Considering 61% of people give this a 5-star rating, it should not come as a surprise that people, in general, love this spray paint machine. Even after more than 900 reviews, it is still a 4.1-star machine and the people who have used it have done many things with it. There are people who have even attempted to and successfully sprayed on polyurethane and been happy with the results. There are people who are first-time spray painters who say that within a short time, they were painting with very little overspray by simply making a few adjustments as they practiced. Some owners do say that even though it isn’t necessary, they still thin out their water-based paints with water. They do it because it ensures that the paint can go a little further and say that after using both diluted and undiluted paints, they are content with both.

The downside is; if you are using this paint sprayer and you are in a hurry, you may not be satisfied with the results. Since it does give you the ability to adjust every part of it, you need to take the time to practice getting it set up to avoid overspray.

There are several people who gave it a lower rating because they did not take the time to set it up properly and there are several people who gave it a low rating but said on their next attempt to paint with it, they did put in the extra effort and managed to get a flawless paint job with very little overspray.

There are some people who say that you may not want to use it indoors, but others who have used it indoors and say that they would do it again. There are also some people who say that cleanup is difficult. This is a common issue with many paint sprayers and there really isn’t a solution to that problem.

Our Opinion of the Max HVLP by Wagner

When you first look at the 4-star rating on this machine, it may seem as though it is not a very good paint sprayer. However, as you read through an endless amount of reviews, you will see that most of the lower reviews are not based on issues with the sprayer itself, but the settings that it comes with. Not everyone wants to attempt to fine-tune their paint sprayer to the extent that you should with this one.

For us, that is not a problem. We like to have the ability to fine-tune our paint sprayers to get the paint job that we want. We also like that it can handle thicker paints without diluting. This enables us to spray on the paint and not worry so much about getting it too watery. The dual-stage turbine is great because it promises the power that we like to see in our paint sprayers. Overall, we love the features of the Wagner Max HVLP, even if it is a little harder to clean than some of the other paint sprayers available. There are not many features, but the ones that are there are impressive in our opinion and we cannot see a reason why it wouldn’t work for anything you may need to paint.

What We Like

  • Two-Stage Turbine
  • Sprays Even Thick Paints
  • Two Cup Sizes
  • Long 20ft Hose
  • Two Dust Filters
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Variable Air Flow
  • Many Spray Options
  • Very Little Overspray If Setup Properly
  • Lightweight Enough for One Hand Painting

What We Don’t

  • Difficult to Clean
  • Overspray Possible
  • Air Flow Adjustments Are Difficult at First
  • Not Ideal for Indoor Use According to Some