HomeRight is a name that most people associate with painting. They sell a variety of sprayers and rollers, as well as many other products that claim to make your paint job look better than you may expect.

Perhaps that is why the Finish Max is so popular, but you most likely do not want to purchase based on its popularity. If you are a true DIY person, you most likely prefer to see the features that it offers before you make a choice. For that, we invite you to read our HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish sprayer review.

Features of the HomeRight Finish Max C800766

With the HomeRight Finish Max, you can choose from one of three spray pattern options. It has the ability to spray horizontally, vertically, and in a circular motion so that you can choose the right spray pattern for the job you are working on.

It features a brass spray needle and housing to ensure that the needle stays in good working condition for many years. This needle also improves its performance so that you can worry less about potential clogs.

The Finish Max is an HVLP sprayer so that you have an adjustable spray control to improve its precision. This means you will have less overspray than you would if you were using an airless sprayer when using it. Therefore, you will also notice that you have less wasted paint.

This paint sprayer will never leave you with brush marks. Even if you need to brush away an area that ends up with too much paint, you can go back over it with this sprayer. It sprays out in such a fine mist that it will cover all things to leave you with a finish that looks like a professional paint job.

With your purchase, you will receive the paint sprayer, a cleaning brush, an air blowing nozzle, and a viscosity cup. The cup is ideal for allowing you to dilute the spray material for optimal spraying performance and the air blowing nozzle allows you to blow a concentrated stream of air so that you can dust off old furniture with ease. The air nozzle is excellent for getting into small areas and removing old paint that will peel off easily.

This sprayer is lightweight to make it easier to use, even for first-time paint sprayers. It weighs only 3.4 pounds when empty. It is also compact at 6 x 11 x 13 inches. You can take this paint sprayer anywhere you want to go with it. It can do a variety of jobs, whether they are large or small painting projects.

To ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase, HomeRight has a put a 2-year limited warranty on the Finish Max paint sprayer. This warranty will protect you from manufacturer defects, but will not cover the paint sprayer if you forget to clean it after using it.

Buyer’s Feedback on the HomeRight Finish Max

One of the first things you may notice when you look at the HomeRight sprayer is its 4.0-star rating. However, you should not let this rating scare you away from it. Some people give it low ratings because you have to thin paint before you spray it on.

Others give it a low rating because they feel the cup leaks, but say that it works great when in use. There are people who say that it is best suited for painting vertical surfaces like walls and furniture, not floors. This could be because they have also noticed that the cup will leak if you tilt it too far to the side. The important part is, no one has a major issue with it, and the ones that do could easily take advantage of the warranty.

Most people do give it a higher rating. You will find more people saying that it does an outstanding job of painting than you will find them saying it doesn’t work well. There are people who use it to refinish furniture and those that repaint the interior and exterior walls.

They say that it looks like and performs as well as a professional paint sprayer and that they could not imagine finding anything better for the painting tasks that they have around their home. There are even several people who say that they feel it makes painting more fun and they love how much faster it is to spray on paint than brush it on.

Our Opinion of the Finish Max by HomeRight

When you look at all the facts, this paint sprayer seems to be a very reliable one. Admittedly, the fact that it cannot spray deck floors may make it a little less desirable than some, but you still cannot say that it isn’t a good sprayer. We like that it has a variety of spray control options.

We like that the mist of paint coming out of it is very fine. However, we do recommend that because it sprays a fine mist out, you should use several covers to put over items you do not want to be painted if you are going to be inside of your home. Misty paint can land virtually anywhere. This is also a bonus because the mist ensures that you will be able to use all thinner stains. You are not confined to just using paint.

This makes it possible for you to spray paint wood stain onto fences and other stuff. All-in-all, if you want a paint sprayer, you should give the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish a chance. It may not be ideal for every job that you have, but it should be close enough to perfect that you will enjoy having it within easy reach.

What We Like

  • Three Spray Patterns
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty
  • HVLP Mist Paint Sprayer
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Fine Mist Ideal for Painting and Finishing
  • Brass Spray Needle for Durability
  • No More Brush Strokes
  • Quickly Applies Paint

What We Don’t

  • Not Designed for Horizontal Painting
  • Fine Mist May Spray Other Areas
  • Must Thin Thicker Paints