As after finishing the paint spraying work of the day you have to take a bath in the same way your paint sprayer should be clean after finishing a day job. Otherwise, there can be some clogs that will ruin your productivity and can be caused by issues in your paint sprayer.

Almost half of repairing issues are due to inferior cleaning. So, after the job is done, the most significant work is cleaning of paint sprayer thoroughly.

we have compiled a step by step guide to clean your paint sprayer completely.

  • Turn off the power and make sure the pressure should be at the lowest level.
  • Trigger the spray gun to ensure pressure has been relieved.
  • Turn down the prime valve into an open position.
  • Remove the filter and tip components in washing fluid.
  • Place the intake hose of paint sprayer into a pail (use water in a pail for water-based and lacquer thinner for oil-based).
  • Turn on the power back activate the trigger system until you see water or lacquer come out of the spray gun. you have to do this until water or lacquer comes out clean and clear.
  • Allow the fluid to circulate for 1 to 2 minutes in the prime valve as well.
  • Now clean the nozzle read below how to do it.
  • After that, start to reassemble the sprayer.
  • Put a pair of gloves and put a thinner on cloth rage and rub on overspray and external body of paint sprayer.
  • Take a look at the airless spray gun manual for an additional gun cleaning manual.


As you have now read the complete guide of how to clean a paint sprayer, if you will follow my guidelines your it is really going to help you out in the long run.